Vinok is an indie rock band with international roots currently located in Kyiv, Ukraine. The band’s baroque pop and rock music is based on two tribal foundations – voice and drums.

Lead vocalist Nathalie has been compared to Florence Welch, Adele, and Dolores O’Riordan, as her piercing voice breaks through current pop standards. The two musicians – lead vocalist Nathalie and drummer Ilya –  both come from Sphingidae, a Ukrainian indie pop band that was prominent during 2014-2016. During that short time frame the band received first place for its EP album Salvation, described as “One of the most important releases of 2016.”

Nathalie’s voice carries vibes of inspiration, strength, purity and revolution. She believes that music has the power to promote change and healing in this world. “We all have a story, music has the innate ability to tell those stories that connect us to one another as human beings.” 



Ilya’s diverse background is evident in Vinok. Playing in a Ukrainian punk rock band in post-Soviet schools, he later went on to play in a New York jazz band, an Illinois orchestra and played at various venues in Massachusetts.


Their presence on stage evokes hope and imagination, while the listener can endlessly dig into their message. Vinok is a new experiment; in some ways it’s simpler yet stronger, bolder and louder than what they played before. The two band members embarked for a new adventure. In their music one will escape, reunite, escape again, take a deep breath, then jump back into the challenges of everyday life refreshed and inspired.



Vinok The Band